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Severe Weather Warning

The City of Milan has weather warning sirens, which are designed to warn citizens of tornado warnings. The sirens will only be sounded when a tornado has been spotted in the county and could be potentially a threat to the City of Milan. When the sirens are activated, people are advised to take cover and remain in a place of safety, (basements, rooms without alot of windows, etc.) until conditions improve.

To avoid confusion, there is NOT an "All Clear" siren sounded. You must use your own judgement, or listen to a radio for further information and updates.

With Smart911, you can add key information about members of your household that would help anyone you care for in the event of an emergency, whether the call is from the home or any mobile phone. Such as: Medical information, Home Address, Emergency Contacts, and more.

The Rave safety app lets security officials the ability to send mass messages out in the event of an incident or hazardous event in a specific area - Active shooter, Localized weather threats, or other regional hazards.

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